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2D to 3D conversion of movies

or video conversion 2D to 3D image, we use different techniques like map of
depth and frame by frame rotoscoping, specific software, rotocopia + Software,
etc.. The techniques are applied to the three best known stereoscopic systems
market Side by side, and anaglyph picarizado to tv with or without gafas3d.
Programming and Applications

Technology advances and every time interactive applications are more common
in laptops or desktop systems, we are constantly researching and developing new
practical applications for your project.
If you have an idea and not know how to make it happen! Ask about this service.
Transcript Plants

Sometimes we just flat printed on paper or PDF, JPG, etc. which need to take our
platform CAD drawing with great position, in such cases the transcript levels is
essential, we do all kinds of transcripts, documents Historic Planes image or PDF
format, print, etc..
Plants 2D

2D Plants are a great help to enlighten customers sharing a project spaces.
This technique is widely used in magazines, brochures promotion as location map
and web applications, etc. ..